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Saturday, March 28, 2015

GRAB IT!! Limited Time Free Patterns from Ravelry Designers

I recently love hunting Paid knitting or crochet Patterns that being generously offered as free by their designers for limited time, usually because they just being released.

So here is the post that I dedicated to re-share the news to all other knitters/crocheters.
The content will always be renew (as long I didn't forget or too busy ;p ). enjoy!!

*Please don't re-share the knitting pattern you got here to other people. Refer them to the link instead, so they can download it by themselves (or buy it if the promotion time already over). Let's support each other :D 

Faroese Star by Tóra Joensen
knitting, free pattern of the month for April 2015 of Islandwool
Five Rings by Jana Huck
knitting, free until April 21, 2015
Gradient Blanket by Sara Marks
knitting, free until April 30, 2015
Madeline Shawl by Kate Jackson
knitting, free until April 30, 2015
Spring Showers by Cristi H. Payne
knitting, free until April 30, 2015
Puzzle Pieces Fingerless Mitts by Victoriablue Etshadar
knitting, free until June 30, 2015
Girly Hat by Ajeng Sitoresmi
knitting, free until further notice
Alice is a Bit Loopy! Lalaloopsy inspired dolly by Jodi Harper
crochet, free until April 30, 2015
Cherry Blossom Cowl by Diane L. Augustin
knitting, until April 30, 2015
Flowery Cowl by Wollgefühl
crochet, use code - flowery
Lithuanian Knitting Continuing Traditions Preview
by Donna Druchunas and June Hall
knitting, just click "buy now" or "add to chart"

Ollie's Button Hat by Jane Terzza
knitting, free until April 30, 2015
code - April Freebie
Petunia the Fairy by Janine Tsakisiris
crochet, frre until April 30, 2015
Al Dente by Anne B Hanssen
knitting, free until April 26, 2015

Happy Knitting!! 


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Nice cable Headband

This free knitting headband pattern from Renate will nicely framed your face, keep you happy in your bad-hair-day, and warm your ears too.

Free Knitting Pattern : Green forest by Renate Ridley
Yarn I used : SA Poyeng color green 1 ball.
Needle : 4 mm
my ravelry page [here]

I first tried to make this headband with a multicolored yarn, but sadly cable pattern and multicolored yarn are rarely getting along.. So, make this pattern with one color yarn only. :)

Happy Knitting!!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern = Every Mom's brimmed hat

I don't know why elderly woman love this kind of hat.
Maybe because it's elegant and simple?
Maybe because it can protect your eyes from the sun when you in outdoor?

Anyway, I found this beautiful sun hat free knitting pattern, and decided to make one.

And it looks like that this hat is beautiful when be worn by youngster too. :D (*modeled by a knitter friend)

Free Knitting Pattern = A Better Bucket by Amy Swenson
Yarn used = SA Poyeng color Black 2 balls
Needle Used = brim 3.5mm, hat 4 mm
my Ravelry project page = [here]

Happy Knitting!! 


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Little Deer Hat

I got interested at this pattern since first time I seen it. But never get opportunity to try it until now.

I actually only used the antlers and ears pattern. For the hat, i just used very basic hat pattern, and did not follow this pattern (actually, It was because I did not read the instruction, and realize that the hat pattern is different when I already finished the hat :p )

yarn = SA Poyeng (hat), SP Poyeng (antlers)
needle = 4 mm DPN

An advice from me, you better make the antlers separated from hat then sew them. It will make you easier to adjust the antler's position.

Happy Knitting!!
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